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Charles River Journal: Late In November

Recent Past:

Glimmer Train Finalist 2017 "Unkind Words" *

Glimmer Train Finalist 2017 "Life Begins" *

Glimmer Train Finalist 2016 "Robert Carr Oldershaw" *

Rick Demarinis Contest finalist 2015 "Bees From Mouth To Field" *

MOON CITY REVIEW "Reasons For Loving" (short) 2014 

FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW "a time to come to a place and introduce one's self" (first three chapters synonymous novel) 2014 

GLIMMER TRAIN B (Glimmer Train finalist, twice) 2013

GLIMMER TRAIN R (Glimmer Train finalist) 2013 

GINOSKO "The Narrow Field's Dance of Death" (Tryptic) 2013 

MOON CITY REVIEW "Or On The Railroad" (short) 2013 


“I think it is astonishing--like nothing else I've read. It is acute and sophisticated in its technique, and amazingly compact, which adds to its form.”

I forget how I came across this book. My partner actually started reading it first. She's into the modernists and she said it reminded her of Willa Cather. I picked it up when she finished it and it made me think of Faulkner. We were both wrong. This book exists in its own realm. The language is a little difficult at first, but once you get into it, you realize you're thick in the middle of this beautiful, harsh Indiana landscape. 

- Patty Yumi Cottrell

Klempt, Lever Puller (excerpt absurd) 2011 

Finally (miniature absurd) 2010 

Three poems;(2010): No More Fantasizing of the Dead Hamza Intestacy In Three 

Big Deck Gun (Miniature) 2009 

Dear Wigleaf (letter) 2009 

Pensée #12 (miniature) 2009 

As You Are (short story/chapter) 2009 

By Clutching the Little Decedent (miniature collage) 2009 

Remonstrance Back (miniature/broken poem) 2009 

Afternoon After(miniature) 2008 

Pensée # 8 (miniature/excerpt) 2008 

Evening Collapsed Purple (short story) 2008 

You'll Die (miniature/excerpt) 2008 

I Wish He Were You (short story/chapter) 2008 

One, Two (miniature) 2008 

The Mess You Made In Us (miniature) 2008 Smokelong Quarterly 

All Turn Away (miniature/excerpt) 2008 

Jonas, Providence (miniature/excerpt) 2008 

Language, Richard (miniature/excerpt) 2008 

Timothy's Mother (short story) 2007 

Tape Hiss (short story) 2007 

Klein's Latrell (short story) 2007 

How It's Silent When You're Gone (short story finalist) 2007 

Brother-in-law (Glimmer Train finalist) 2007

Various student newspaper articles and fictional pieces and "Madigan's Melancholia" , Earlham Word 2002-2005

* unpublished


Wind Shifted Embers, 2018 *

It Looks Like A Garden (EVE IN THE GARDEN) BOOK 2, 2018 (YA, FANTASY) *

Traveling Without, 2017 *

It Looks Like A Garden (IT LOOKS LIKE A GARDEN) BOOK 1, 2016 (YA, FANTASY) *

Bees From Mouth To Field, 2014-16 *

Vulnerable You, 2014-15 (SCI-FI) *

Robert Carr Oldershaw, 2013-14 *

A Strange Kind Of Trying, 2013 *

Kseniya, 2012 *

Cut Up, 2007-11

 The Mess You Made In Us, 2008-10 *

MFA '08

The Staircase, 2006 *

A Chapel Pond, 2005 *

BA '05

The Battlefield, 1995 (lost) *
The Ghost of Blue House (lost) *